Center Consoles

Robust Console Fit, Finish and Performance

As an engineer, you will easily notice the detailed craftsmanship in 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】’s center console fit and finish. You find it everywhere you look. With the hidden parting lines, for example. You also feel it in the smooth performance of the compartment hinge.

In all of our console work, from injection-molded substrates to leather-wrapped accents and inlaid trim plates, 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 achieves this level of quality with a relentless attention to detail in component design and production.

When we undertake a center console program, we pore over the many details as we collaborate on design. We offer a large range of practical options, supported by data, for improving function and assembly, ensuring impeccable aesthetic characteristics as well as reducing weight and cost.

Naturally, our fine craftsmanship mindset also extends to molding and ancillary operations, as well as the assembly of partial and full console modules. In addition to trim accents, we install all the other console features, including lighting, media systems, and safety control switches with the same methodical care.

As an engineer, you can count on 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 to make your next center console program well-designed and well-built. Contact us for more details about what we can do for your next program.