Our founder and chairman, Mr. Luo Xiaochun, came from a family business in Changshu, China, that designed and built furniture. Growing up in this environment, he developed both a passion for the aesthetics of design, and an understanding of the practicalities of production. At a young age, he was able to demonstrate and nurture his leadership abilities.

Recognizing the prime opportunity to transfer his expertise to automotive interiors for the Chinese market, Mr. Luo opened the first 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 plant in 1992 to manufacture door panels for FAW-Volkswagen. Since then, the company has grown significantly through loyal customers and partners, as well as innovative products and attentive service.

Today, over 6,000 employees work at 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 worldwide. Nearly all of the OEM and Tier 1 auto manufacturers with operations in China rely on 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 for interior as well as some exterior components and systems.

The Steady Growth of 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】

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