Engineering Ingenuity

From styling ideation to the end of production, 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 provides full-service styling and engineering support for OEM and Tier 1 customers.

caip engineering design ready

Design Ready

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With over 80 engineers, our Technical Center staff supports customer teams for smooth launches and also throughout the entire platform life cycle.

Always mindful of the need to be on time and on budget, as well as to deliver projects to specifications, we structure our product development teams to suit program needs, sometimes even dispatching team members to customer locations worldwide.

caip engineering global know how

Global Know-How

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The 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 engineering leadership hails from automotive backgrounds in China, North America, Korea, and India. In addition, we collaborate with our European joint venture partners.

caip engineering rigorous processes

Rigorous Processes

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A styling feasibility analysis begins our process to ensure proper function and fit, and to prevent setbacks in the product development process.

Next, we recommend design modifications, materials and processes to:
* Fit “perceived quality” objectives
* Cut part cost and weight without risking life-long product integrity
* Make components more environmentally friendly.

A manufacturing feasibility analysis then ensures that both styled surface elements and design-for-assembly features meet customer requirements.

caip engineering eco friendly rd

Eco-Friendly R&D

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Research and development work at 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 pioneers mass reduction and sustainability strategies. As one example, 嘉和彩票-【官网首页】 is currently investing in processes for natural fiber mat production and for thermoforming with natural fibers. These technologies promise up to 30% weight reduction over conventional materials.

To meet stringent performance and mass requirements while assuring sustainability and recyclability, research is ongoing with renewable materials like sisal, abaca, coconut, bamboo and kenaf.